Seeing it for yourself

Sometimes its worth seeing for yourself
If the stereotypes are true
If there really is no better alternative
If the door really is locked
With no way in-
Not so you can join the ranks
Of naysayers and status quo-defenders
But so that you might be able
To find a back door.
Cynicism leaves little room
For redemption
And its almost as though cynics
Enjoy being right about the world,
A sad kind of joy
Derived from being able to accurately expect little-
To scorn at hope for sport.
But there is a hard earned kind of Hope
That’s refined by reality
Weathered many a disappointment-
And stubbornly remains.
As it turns out
Hope is far more expensive
Than cynicism
Because Lady Hope looks back
At yet another hard year
Is long past her supposed breaking point,
Wading through molasses
Riddled with worry
Bruised with losses
Yet still standing.
Once you’re done
Considering and projecting misfortune and disaster
It might be worth your while
To investigate for yourself
And see just what it is
That Hope has to offer.

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