God made flesh

Imagine the humility 

Of a Creator

Penning Himself into the story 

He’d been writing,

Not as a powerful ruler 

Resplendent with glory,

Nor a scrappy rebel 

Raising up a militia,

But as helpless babe in Bethlehem

In need of milk and warmth

And the magic of a mother’s touch.

God made flesh-

The Most Powerful One

Making a cosmic flex

Unlike any we’d ever seen

Or will ever see a again-

Immeasurable power used in defence 

Of the powerless

For the redemption of the irredeemable 

And for the coming of a Kingdom 

As unshakable as the hills.

The birth of Christ 

Ushered in a new age 

Where a path to glory 

Was forged not through 

The conquest of other men

Or the amassing of great wealth 

But through the arrival 

Of God Himself 

In infant form. 

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