God made flesh

Imagine the humility 

Of a Creator

Penning Himself into the story 

He’d been writing,

Not as a powerful ruler 

Resplendent with glory,

Nor a scrappy rebel 

Raising up a militia,

But as helpless babe in Bethlehem

In need of milk and warmth

And the magic of a mother’s touch.

God made flesh-

The Most Powerful One

Making a cosmic flex

Unlike any we’d ever seen

Or will ever see a again-

Immeasurable power used in defence 

Of the powerless

For the redemption of the irredeemable 

And for the coming of Kingdom 

As unshakable as the hills.

The birth of Christ 

Ushered in a new age 

Where a path to glory 

Was forged not through 

The conquest of other men

Or the amassing of great wealth 

But through the arrival 

Of God Himself 

I infant form. 

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