Fights of Endurance

Sometimes after months of waging war
You don’t get a decisive victory,
The battle plays out
In ways you never anticipated
And you find yourself in a marathon wrestling match
With struggles you’d rather not have.
Some days all you can do
Is stay in the fight,
Take the hits
But refuse to be knocked out,
Refuse to let your heart grow bitter,
Protect your mind from self-pity
And pray for grace to do it all again tomorrow.
Some fights
Are fights of endurance,
Where staying in the ring
Is more important
Than landing a game-changing blow.
To endure hard things
Is to come to terms
With the fact that God
Is at work in and through you
And that though His instruments
May be blunt
They are forging
Something beautiful
That you will see in due time.

You have need of patience-
Hang in there.

Give God the right to direct your life,
  and as you trust Him along the way,
  you’ll find He pulled it off perfectly!
-Psalm 37:5 TPT

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