On being too woke

To be able to “see through everything”

Is not a gift of insight,

But rather it is the worst kind of blindness.

The person who can go a lifetime 

Without ever living deeply for anything,

The professional skeptic who 

Never quite devotes them self

To anything more than their own opinion,

Is not sophisticated-

They are a prisoner 

Of their own contemplation,

A fugitive on the run 

From a life that’s bigger than them. 

There is a kind of meditation 

And reflection 

That renders even life itself to be pointless

And casts a cynical shadow

That can blot out the Sun 

On even the brightest of days.

There’s nothing worse

Than talking yourself 

Out of the answers to your own prayers,

Standing before the One

You’ve been longing for all along 

And swiping left. 

The problem with being too woke 

Is that it gets increasingly difficult 

To see that the reason why 

So many things are so


Is because you’ve chosen 

To not see the world 

In any other way. 

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