Screwing people over

Seems to be low hanging fruit.
How the cookie tends to crumble.
We are far too quick
To defend a state of affairs
That involves the powerful making life
Just a little bit harder
For most other people,
Whether its ignoring inequalities
Or celebrating destructive trends-
Humans hurting humans
Is a blood sport
For which we have not lost
An appetite for.
If business as usual
Means making your real living
From the stuff you put in the fine print
Then maybe its time to be honest
About the kind of business you’re actually in,
And if we keep making the same relational mistakes our fathers did
Then we are far from having the right
To call them out on their inadequacies.
It may be “the way things are”
And you may not be the one
Calling the shots,
But being silent about things
That just aren’t right
When you have a voice
Doesn’t make you innocent-
It makes you complicit.

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