God makes complicated things

Stars –

Regular and familiar features of the night sky

Yet they remain far off mysteries we will never touch, 

Burning and expanding 

Balls of gas 

Spinning, darting

Coming alive and dying all at once,

Familiar mystery

Perfect chaos.


Droplets splattering water everywhere

Nowhere dry to stand

Beautiful yet dangerous 

Soft edges and jagged rocks

Simultaneously a literal cascade of wonder

And a major drowning hazard.


Full of contradiction

Loving what we ought to hate 

And hating what we ought to love,

Secret desires that often don’t match 

Our public proclamations 

Teeming with thoughts and emotions 

That sometimes confuse even the head and heart

In which they are housed. 

Things being ‘complicated’

Isn’t an indication 

That things are going poorly,

Or that we’ve failed to 

Streamline our lives- 

Maybe “complicated”

Is just how it was designed to be. 

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