Mirror, Mirror

Looking in the mirror
Gets hard sometimes.
Sometimes I get tired
Of being disappointed
At my own reflection,
Saddened by the reminder
Of my own shortcomings,
Done with all the parts of myself
That exhaust me,
Its no secret
That the meanest voice
In my head
Is often my own.
It’s a good thing, then,
That when my mind
Is no longer a safe place
For me to live,
That God is not a figment
Of my imagination
And that He can redeem
That person in the mirror
When I’d rather the script to be cut.
Indeed He has a mirror of His own,
One that reflects His own image
Back to Himself
Through the drama
Of my story.

for whenever our heart condemns us, God is greater than our heart, and he knows everything
-1 John 3:20

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