Filling cups

There came a generation
That was no longer looking
For signs and wonders,
No longer sought holy men who’d seen
The face of God,
Nor a guiding star
That might lead them yonder-
These were self-directed ones
Who made their own miracles,
Customized their own reality-
Filled their own cups.
The trouble with being
A self-worshiping generation
Is that our cups
Never quite run over,
And the feasts we make for ourselves
May fill our bellies
But not our souls.
God promises deep satisfaction.
And deep trust
Is the cost of admission,
For what use is our
Absolute autonomy
If it only leaves us
Half full?

When God fulfills your longings,
sweetness fills your soul.
But the wicked refuse to turn from darkness
to see their desires come to pass.
Proverbs 13:19

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