24/7 Fallacy

Maybe this idea of
Life with no limits
Is a scam.
Yes, we are capable of
A great number of things-
But not everything.
We want it all
But we will never have
Enough space for it
And despite the invention
Of video calls
We can only be
In one place at a time.
Its unfortunate that
It usually takes a few
Crash and burns
To embrace our actual condition.
There are limits to our humanity
And they are are not
Dark stains on our existence
To be banished and overcome
But blessed reminders of our mortality
Giving weight to each second
And hopeful light to every morning –
We will not be here forever.
Therefore we must live our days
With room to breathe and ponder
And not cramming them full
With more life
Than we have the capacity
To truly live.

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