How good?

How good must your fortunes be
Before you choose generosity?
How much reassurance
Before you behave like you belong?
How much good will you overlook
Before you accept that ‘better is possible’?
There’s nothing quite as difficult
As winning your own heart over
After it gets jaded enough,
Even when there is sufficient evidence
To support a better narrative-
Once you are convinced
You live in a world of scarcity
Then even in the greatest heights of abundance
You can find yourself gripped in the fear of
Losing it all:
Here meet the strange bedfellows
Of perfectionism and low expectation.
But if you ever make it
To the other side of your fear
You may come to see that
Life doesn’t have to be that way
And maybe even arrive at a reasonable answer
To the question;
‘How good does it have to be?’

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