Welcome to humans

Good intentions go awry regularly,
Offence is never far,
Fear is always close,
Misunderstanding to be expected.
We love diversity
Until it tampers with our sacred cows,
Superficial strides toward unity
Are the easiest to make,
We laugh at the truth
And cry at perceived hurts,
Routinely undervaluing our treasures
And overestimating our shortcomings.
Its a lot to be human.
Deep breaths are necessary,
Apologies need not be scarce,
Laughter is better as a host than a visitor.
Knowing that we are so beautifully flawed
Should help us sit with each other,
Smell each others sweat and sweet cologne,
Close enough to feel one another’s heavy breathing
Appreciate the sound of our neighbor’s giggles and sobs-
Perhaps the greatest task
Of being human
Is not the achievement
Of great projects and endeavors
But to see and savor
Other humans,
Not for the ‘best versions of themselves’
But for who they really are.

Love your neighbor as yourself
Mark 12:31

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