The promise of change

Is often more potent
Than change itself.
Those that promise us things
Can hold significant power over us
As we wait with baited breath
For the unseen future on the horizon-
Will this really change our lives?
What will it be like in the promised land?
Is this what we’ve been waiting for all along?
Promises are often more potent than final products
Because they are not bound by the disorienting contrasts
Of true lived reality.
Promises, even at their best, will never quite be what we imagined they’d be-
When morning comes
And the hangover of post-change euphoria sets in,
The weight of stewarding this new reality begins to rest on our shoulders,
And we may come to find ourselves
Looking back with longing
To the days when there were more
Dreams unfilfilled
Than days lived,
When we all had to hold onto
Was the simple faith
That comes with waiting
For a promise to be fulfilled

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