The quixotic ones

Deserve more than our eye-rolls
And shakes of the head.
They are more than cautionary tales
About what happens when you aren’t practical
More than the butt of jokes
About over-achievers and glass-half-full parodies.
If it wasn’t for their dreams
We’d be doomed to live in a world
Of non-alternatives
Where injustice is accepted
And mediocrity is expected.
Surely, cynicism can’t jade us all?
Until we live in a world
That needs no improvement
Then we are going to need the dreamers,
The strange ones who make it their habit
To go out on a limb for a noble cause,
Living for something other than
The shiny things we’ve been told are worthwhile.
We sure as heck need them now
More than ever
And when they finally prove us wrong
We’ll be glad they didn’t wake up.

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