Burning Bush

The time we spend
Seeking the Face of God
Is not time taken away
From ‘practical’ things.
It is not a waste of down time
To spend our Sundays
In the house of God,
Nor is it a misuse of resources
To give money to the church.
The visions and prophecies
We read in scripture
Are not delusions
Nor are they opiates of the people.
Like Moses, when we commune
With the Almighty
In our own burning bush
It is there that we find the balm
For the wounds of the world,
And strength to set the captives free
Indeed it is in the presence
Of the Prince of Peace
That true freedom fighters are fashioned.
Time spent with Him
Is never wasted,
For the world we seek
Will not only be found
In hallowed halls of academia
Or in fists raised in the streets
Or laws passed in lofty courts
But it will be birthed
In the place of worship
With knees bent
And hands lifted high.
There we find peace for our souls
Hope for our brothers
And light to guide the way.

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