On becoming middle class

She never thought she would climb.
She’d always watched her brothers climb-
Climb trees
Climb walls
Climb up to the roof of their dilapidated
Childhood home
And later she watched them
Climb up ladders of success
Reaching ever higher
As though the gravity of their upbringing
Had insulted them
And they were hellbent
On teaching it a lesson.
They climbed so high
She could barely recognise them
For while they were steadily ascending
She seemed to be standing still,
Stuck in the elementary figuring-out
Of her own sense of co-ordination
Her own aspirations
Her own journey.
To her, becoming middle class
Was all about climbing,
Climbing out what was familiar
Out of being a spectator
Out of poverty.
And this climbing was for those
That had the vision and strength to do so-
And she wasn’t sure she had either.
She never thought she would climb.
That is, of course,
Until she did.

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