Privilege cannot be undone

But it can be re-imagined
Redirected to someplace higher
Than selfish ambition
And self-preservation.
Privilege is much more
Than a set of advantages,
Or immunity from struggles
That cripple others-
It is a posture,
A frame of mind
That keeps an individual from flinching
In the face of authority
And gives respite from the disturbing calmness
Of accepting the unacceptable.
Privilege, you see,
Is persistent and multifaceted
It refuses to be hidden
No matter how self-abasing you are.
Ultimately it serves no one
To pretend like it isn’t there.
To try and squash it
Like a cockroach.
It need not be a vice
But a gift.
Blessed are those that stay conscious of their privilege
And refuse for it to blind them
Or elevate their fortunes alone.
After all, what could be loftier
Than the work of lifting others?

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