Selling wokeness

What happens
When rebellion scales?
When the monster of consumerism
Consumes the resistance itself?
When you are now rewarded
For ”sticking it to the man”?
To a large degree
It is impossible to escape
The limits of our time
And that regardless of how woke we are
There will be flaws
In our ideas of justice.
But even if wokeness is commodified
And the only reason why
Good is done in the world
By the ones most able to do it
Is because it makes ‘business sense’-
Even then the arc of history bends
In the direction it was always meant to go:
Towards Him,
The only One who truly calls
Justice by its name.

I know that the LORD will maintain
The cause of the afflicted,
And justice for the poor.
-Psalm 140:12

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