Writing as brick-laying

The requirement for decent writing
Is not to show up inspired
With an idea for the ages;
Something the world has never seen.
Writing is not a function of the ego
As though every letter must be
Touched by an angel
Before appearing on the page.
Writing is brick-laying
Diligently showing up
With the words in the mind
And the rhythms of the soul
Without pomp or circumstance,
Simply placing them on the page
Willing the piece into existence –
Perhaps it will be castle
Perhaps it will be chicken-coop
But at least it will exist
In tangible, fallible form,
A shapeless whisper no more.
The work of writing
Is more about faithfulness
Than it is about fame
About persistence
Than it is about perfection.
You need not be in the mood
Nor have have track record
Just the willingness
To show up
And lay a few bricks.

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