Rising faith

We acknowledge the facts
We too can see how dire things are.
We too can feel the hairs standing on our arms
The stone forming in the belly
The flashes of fear in the mind’s eye.
We too don’t know what tomorrow holds.
We too are scared.
But we do know
That the paths fear leads us down
Are not spacious
That plodding along in smallness
Helps no one.
We can see that the people we become
When we resign ourselves to a broken story
Are not humble
But prideful-
Too proud to accept a better life
When it comes,
Choosing to wallow miserable circumstances
That we can control
Than to launch into a better future
Made possible only with the help of others.
Therefore we rise in faith
Not out of religious duty
Or frantic energy
But because we vehemently detest
The alternatives.

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