God makes complicated things

Stars – Regular and familiar features of the night sky Yet they remain far off mysteries we will never touch,  Burning and expanding  Balls of gas  Spinning, darting Coming alive and dying all at once, Familiar mystery Perfect chaos. Waterfalls- Droplets splattering water everywhere Nowhere dry to stand Beautiful yet dangerous  Soft edges and jagged […]

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Counting Cash

Is easy. You will know  When you have it  And you’ll feel it  When you don’t. But what about impact? What about the people Who’ve quietly admired you from afar And have found courage and inspiration From seeing your story unfold as it has? Unlike cash, You often don’t know  How much of a difference […]

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On working with works in progress

Its likely that some pointYou will find yourself workingWith less than you would have liked-Not quite enough moneyNot enough time to make it happenNot so great morale.Are you willingTo push throughThe discomfort of imperfectionAnd stay hopeful thatIf you dig deep enoughYou’ll find gold?If this team is ever going to achieveThings you’ll be proud ofYou’re going […]

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Itchy Fingers

He hadn’t realisedThat he’d been using technologyTo medicate his pain.Reaching for his phoneFor a song that would drown outHis quiet desperation,Bingeing TVAs a means of escaping realityOnly to find that he is still himselfWhen the credits roll.His fingers itchedNot for another hand to hold-But a screen to tapAnd pixels to stare at,Subconsciously hoping that maybeThe […]

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Twice Removed

It gets harder and harderTo remove yourselfFrom the success or failureOf the work you doAs you become increasinglyInvested in it.Nothing destroysYour chances of creating wonderful thingsQuite as quicklyAs being too closely entwinedWith the outcomes.Sure, one hopes for recognitionAnd applause is a signThat you’re onto somethingBut that’s not whereThe secret sauce comes from-Its not where the […]

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The cynic’s purse

Is always empty.There is nothing savvyAbout sowing doubt wherever you go,Permamently carrying a red penLike an examiner who refuses to be pleased,Finding fault and relishing it,Holding it up as thoughIt were a coveted trophy.Maybe if you weren’tRolling your eyes so muchYou’d see the substanceOf the many things you criticize.Its one thing to haveA lot of […]

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What happiness is like

Happiness looks a lot likeLetting go of expectations.It tastes like making friendsOut of bitter enemies.It smells like trust.It rhymes with communityIts in the same class as forgivenessAnd it goes on vacation with having a good sense of humor.When happiness seems out of reachThe next best thingIs to reach for its neighbors. It looks like accepting […]

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“I’ll do it alone”

Said the womanBefore she threw herselfOff a jagged cliffOf rugged self determination-Pioneering a new wayDoesn’t mean walking alone,The path may be unbeatenBut it doesn’t have to be lonely.And just because no oneUnderstands what you’re trying to doDoesn’t mean you should stop tryingTo find your tribe,Not everyone’s gonna get itThe first few times around.Yes, it often […]

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On Leaving

Some goodbyes aren’tSupposed to happen.At least it feels that way.Your heart isn’t somethingThat simply acceptsBeing left behind-It fightsTo go along for the ride,Demanding to be felt,Refusing to be ignored,Letting you know repeatedlyThat you’ve left somethingPreciousBehind.Amazing howSomeone you meet alongThe pathBecomes as criticalTo your overall journeyAs the path itself.

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God the Coder

The bible speaks of a BeingWho pre-existed existence,One Who’s imaginationBecame the blueprint of the universe,The Mind behind our mindsThe Great Scribe Who writesOur story-God the Coder.The One who gave ourHeartbeats their rythymOur feet their strengthAnd who meausured outThe capacity of each breathBefore a single one was taken,Directing the planetsTo be in majestic orbitFor our sunsetsTo […]

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