In trying not to cause a scene She became a passive doormat, In trying to not be a pushover He became aggressive and stubborn, In trying to preserve its own identity, The nation became harsh on its immigrants In trying to keep up with the world The value of local dynamics was diminished. In an […]

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The trouble with our insecurities Is that we mix them in with everything we do. And almost every activity we engage in starts meaning more Than what it needs to: Another person’s success is not an occasion for celebration and appreciation, But an opportunity to look at your own life and wonder what the Hell […]

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Self defeat

There is this dirty habit Of replaying our mistakes in our heads Over and over As though to remind us of ┬áthe details that we may have forgotten. And while it is important to be self aware, Its super destructive to use these weak moments To tell ourselves ‘who we really are’. Because it becomes […]

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Finding fame and being found

Is really a lucky draw. Unless you are in the rare circumstance Of being born to famous parents. But for the rest of us Being famous is an act of God Or luck. There comes this really strange moment When you first discover someone your age or younger Who has somehow gotten famous and successful […]

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On Giving

There are moments when you see a need And you’re in a position to help But then you hesistate. Maybe the prospective recipient of your generosity Is someone who typically doesn’t say thank you, Or at least not the way you like to be thanked. Worse yet, they could see your open hand And try […]

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The twang

Its that particular way of speaking That draws a certain kind of attention And is perhaps one of the most polarizing things In modern black African culture. The way you speak. That idea of being ‘well spoken’ Being able to roll this English thing on your tongue As though it were your mother’s. It says […]

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Ready to talk

When someone is mad at you Or you are mad at them, It sometimes helps to remember that There is more to your relationship than the offending event(s) That seem to taint everything the other person does. That there is something worth fighting for Because if there wasn’t – you wouldn’t be mad. So once […]

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Violence? Protesters throw stones at government buildings Burning tires in the middle of the road. Overturned vehicles with gaping, smashed windows Business cannot go on as usual, An institution suffers a loss. Chaos. Unrest. Rebellion   Violence. Institutional bias against the weakest. The same kind of students somehow always fail to reach graduation day; And […]

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Starving in the midst of plenty, Loneliness in the company of loved ones Claustrophobia in an open space, Dying of thirst in the heart of the ocean. The irony. Diabetes occurs when the body is incapable Of absorbing glucose from the bloodstream And so while glucose abounds in the blood The cells of the body […]

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I am no patriot

I am no patriot. I stand far off and make suggestions As my nation crumbles in the distance. It makes for great intellectual conversation And stimulating meetings discussing the state of affairs, But to be honest those words and arguments will count for nothing Because tomorrow where my voice is needed most I will hold […]

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