The quixotic ones

Deserve more than our eye-rollsAnd shakes of the head.They are more than cautionary talesAbout what happens when you aren’t practicalMore than the butt of jokesAbout over-achievers and glass-half-full parodies.If it wasn’t for their dreamsWe’d be doomed to live in a worldOf non-alternativesWhere injustice is acceptedAnd mediocrity is expected.Surely, cynicism can’t jade us all?Until we live […]

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Moon shots

Aren’t about reaching the moon.They are about leaps of faithAnd the places we land afterwards.They straddle the thin line betweenBrilliance and stupidity,They are the stuff of the visionaryAnd the delusional.They get you into troubleAnd they also take you places.Sure, reaching for things that you perceiveTo be beyond youOpens you up to failureAnd even abuseBut it […]

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The work of becoming

  It’s one thing to do a mighty exploit  To thrust oneself through the air  And land at a place  Better than your current station In part by sheer will In part by pure luck. It’s quite another thing to  Become the kind of person Who frequently takes leaps of faith, Who has trained their […]

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The promise of change

Is often more potentThan change itself.Those that promise us thingsCan hold significant power over usAs we wait with baited breathFor the unseen future on the horizon-Will this really change our lives?What will it be like in the promised land?Is this what we’ve been waiting for all along?Promises are often more potent than final productsBecause they […]

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Day two

There’s nothing quite likeLooking in the mirrorThe day after you’ve madeA big decisionTo come to termsWith where you’ve gotten yourself into.Are you here for the right reasons?Will it change anythingIf no one else is watching?Are you happy?Day twoIs when the initial reaction wears offAnd you get to better appreciateThe depth of resolveYou’ve managed to mine […]

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The genealogy of change

We don’t always knowIf our lives are counting for something.If our writings are being readIf our contributions are making a differenceWhether the causes we’re fighting so hard forWill amount to anything,But what is a ripple in our generationMay become a tidal waveFor our descendants,And the hurricanes of our timesMay hardly be a whisperA few years […]

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