Staying for the right reasons

It is not wiseNor is it sustainableTo endure difficult thingsOut of guilt,Or obligation.Life is complicated,Confusing at timesConvoluted.It’s one thing to want to be somewhereBecause its the best you’ve encounteredAnd have no real reason to complain,Quite another when you areAgonizing,Suffering to do the right thing.Jesus sweated bloodWhen faced with the prospectOf what it would takeTo love […]

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The church is not a product

To buyNor a show to attendNor a business to invest in-It is a body to belong to.Those that sit in her pewsAre not audience membersSeeking entertainment,They are members of a symphony,Participants in a dance a dance of graceWhere sinners get their day ofReckoning with mercy,Where the imperfectMeet PerfectionWhere crooked motivesAre made whole,Where the work ofSelf-deternination […]

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There is room in God’s house For everyone. Unfortunately, even room for the people you don’t like; The bullies The ones with no backbone The snobs The mobs The ones who should know better The ones with a stiff upper lip The hypocrites The irreverent The goody too shoes The inconsiderate The know it alls […]

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Means and Ends

What is the goal of religion?Is it not fellowship with God?The prayers, the scriptures, the fellowshipAre channels towards where we hope to goBut they are not the destination themselves.We do not pray for prayer’s sakeOr sing on Sunday morningBecause that’s what we’ve always done.We do all this in pursuit of Someone Great.How foolish to get […]

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Inconvenience is temporary

Inconveniences, ultimately, remain that way in part because we treat them as things taking us out of our way. As things we would rather be without It’s inconvenient to have to take the long way around to work But if you had a good enough reason to take the longer route It becomes a part […]

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Fear base

If the biggest fear of your team members Is getting shouted at by the team leader Then they will do all they can to avoid showing you The spills that happen along the way And stop trying to improve when you are absent or in a good mood. If we are going to fear anything […]

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Disturbing Grace

There are certain people That you may think do not deserve grace, Kindness. Nor mercy. And chances are they don’t, As you don’t. The grace of God isn’t waiting for an opportunity For us to prove we deserve it Because we never will. We just need it. Our very existence as children of God Depends […]

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She did not rob us

She did not rob us (of herself) Of her love, her gifts, her greeting and her contribution.   Whenever we  live and work with other people There is always the risk of being offended, or misunderstood And being taken advantage of. So, many of us take our time before we allow ourselves to open up, […]

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