Customer, Client or Patient?

Beyond semanticsIt matters what you callThe person you seek to engage.A customer is a personInterested in a product,And expects a fair transactionGetting what they expect,Fair trade.No need for namesNo need for small talk,Sometimes the less peopleA customer has to deal withThe better.Convenience.A client is a personWhose name is known.Their needs are anticipated.Their nuances taken into […]

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Strong winds

Are an asset for a windmill farmBut a disaster for fruit trees.Strong opinions are like strong windsThey can drive important conversations alongBut if we’re not carefulWe may just make it really unlikelyFor the fruits of other people’s mindsTo flourish in our presence.Blowing other people overIn righteous crusades of debateOften leaves to a double loss:First you […]

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Conversations with friends

Are like book markers in a book; They give immediate context of where we’re at, Remind us of the ground we’ve covered And give us a sense of what is still to come. Words that bubble through the air From their lips to our hearts As though they were always meant to live there. Perhaps […]

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Heated discussions

Rarely yield much. And it’s a shame, because I love to debate. To make a point. To engage in a fight And win it. I found myself fighting today. A friend of mine saw something differently than I did And within a few minutes I was rearing to go, Passionately delivering my points of view, […]

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Lingual Gymnastics

There is a certain  kind of flexibility required For those of us who navigate the world in more than one language, Particularly if your mother tongue Is not as widely celebrated as your acquired language(s). There’s a process of having to make sense of the world Through a lens that not everyone may fully appreciate, […]

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On ‘winning’ arguments

There are moments in a conversation When the flow of words is no longer an activity of mutual edification, When the roles of speaker and listener are no longer revolving, And the couch of conversation Has become a podium of proclamation; The conversation has become A public speaking exercise Where the one with the best […]

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Shell of a man

I recently met a cool guy. He was smart. Smooth. Funny. Young people would say he had swag, The cool kids would let him sit with them. He was laid back, oozing confidence. He spoke without really moving his mouth And yet always knew just the right thing to say. A man’s man. A cool […]

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Ready to talk

When someone is mad at you Or you are mad at them, It sometimes helps to remember that There is more to your relationship than the offending event(s) That seem to taint everything the other person does. That there is something worth fighting for Because if there wasn’t – you wouldn’t be mad. So once […]

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