Twice Removed

It gets harder and harderTo remove yourselfFrom the success or failureOf the work you doAs you become increasinglyInvested in it.Nothing destroysYour chances of creating wonderful thingsQuite as quicklyAs being too closely entwinedWith the outcomes.Sure, one hopes for recognitionAnd applause is a signThat you’re onto somethingBut that’s not whereThe secret sauce comes from-Its not where the […]

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Light years

You will always be light years away From perfection Because though all created things Have infinity bound up within them- No matter how many hills we climb And dragons we slay There will always be yet another height Yet another beast. We live in world Of inescapable limitations with Facts that will remain unchanged No […]

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The Resistance is Relentless

No matter how many times I show up To write To speak To contribute There’s a disapproving figure Somewhere between my ears Sometimes quietly suggesting Other times explicitly yelling That I have no right to be here No grounds to be sharing an insight No real reason to share my thoughts. And it wouldn’t be […]

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Running out of juice

Will the fountain of inspirationEver run dry?Is there a limit that God has setOn the ideas a person can have?Projects we can attempt?Is there a cap to human potential?The obvious answer is no.But we often live as thoughIt were otherwise,As though the good thing you had goingWhich was ruined by the pandemicIs the last good […]

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Born out of Struggle

What is it aboutStruggleThat makes artAuthentic?About bleaknessThat makes a story moreVivid?Art and despairHave a strange relationship,As though certain treasuresCan only be hewnOut of the artist’sDistress.It is certainly possibleTo make things that areWonderfulIn the absence of disaster,Yet there is something aboutHeartbreakDevastationAnd depravityThat sweetens the penOf the ready writerAnd sharpens the mindOf the brooding creative.Perhaps it serves […]

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Afro bubble gum

Art for art’s sake.Joy at just being joyful.Laughing with a friendAt a shared silent joke.Smiling at the smell of rainGyrating to the rhythmsOf transcendent sound.Living normal lifeWith the people you love.Frivolous pursuitsThat make the heart sing.Simple pleasures.Complex adventures.Happiness.These are thingsI wish to come to mindWhen I think of Africa. But they are not.We always seemTo […]

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Posts in a row today.Fifty times facing a blank pageAnd populating itWith thoughts in the shapeOf wordsHoping that the blog postI’ve willed into existenceWill mean something toSomeone other than me.50 times dipping my feetIn the glassy lake of the writing processAnd being unsureIf this one will float,Looking over my shoulderTo see if inspirationWill join me […]

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On making a ruckus

Be sure that it’s not about you. That you’re not just trying to prove a point. That it’s not coz you have a chip on your shoulder, A self-righteous narrative That eternally gives you a moral higher ground. Be sure that the story you’re telling yourself Is challenged regularly, That the righteous crusade you’re on […]

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Not everything is a team sport

Sometimes the only way to developEnough of a backboneTo make meaningful assertionsIs to do the work that only you can do,Ship itAnd then repeat.There’s camaraderieWhen working with othersAnd ‘another set of eyes’Can often be useful,But there is also safety in numbers;Safety from ultimate responsibilitySafety from being on the hookSafety from the skinned kneesThat come from […]

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Fear of writing trash

Is like an invisible arm Restraining my hand with an iron grip, Keeping my hand from Giving the words in my mind A chance to reach the page. It’s as though the mere sight Of unvarnished thoughts Are confirmation of my deepest doubts About my ability to write. And so rather than bear the pain […]

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