The best way to give

Is to give something you love,That you actually like,Something you would have lovedTo receive yourself.It helps you to rememberThat things are just thingsBut people are preciousAnd are to be treasuredMore than our treasures.People have becomed used to being usedIn the pursuit of a bottom lineAnd possessions are heldIn highest esteem-In such a world,Practicing giving awayThings […]

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Fancy new buildings

Are often fun to look atAnd beautiful to walk in.They are not too difficult to construct.With enough cashAnd the right peopleYou can erect quite a spectacle-A state of the art hospitalA beautiful mallA school that looks like Hogwarts.Much harder than thisIs to create a cultureThat brings out the very best out of peopleNo matter their […]

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Broken Femurs

Looking out for one anotherIs seminal to whyWe’ve made it so far.When anthropologists consideredThe first signs of civilisationThey looked forBroken femursThat had healed,As that meant that at some pointAfter breaking a legAnd invariably becoming a burden,The wounded person belongedTo the kind of communityThat cared for people,Who could not carry their own weight-For long enoughTo allow […]

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On being ‘taken for a ride’

What constitutes being taken advantage of? Is it any interaction you have with others Where you don’t come out on top? Any situation where you give More than you receive? When someone doesn’t say “thank you” ? When people don’t behave as you expect them to? Or perhaps any situation that leaves you exhausted? If […]

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The market always wins

Sure, But if it wins at our expense should we keep letting it? If the market wins and leaves millions vulnerable What kind of win is that? If the so called market forces supplant human thriving What exactly are we winning? If the market always wins It implies that something else always loses. Systems are […]

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