When it comes to worthwhile academic or vocational pursuits, Its not so clear cut what counts as a worthy pursuit anymore. We can all point to examples of unhappy lawyers and doctors, Though highly respected pushed to the edge Worked to the bone; almost resentful of the well-beaten path They find their feet on. And […]

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What is the point of your education? Beyond the better life it can afford you It’s helpful to consider the footprint our lives are leaving behind. The main trouble with selfish ambitions is that they are small. And wasteful. We settle for comfort when we could have gone for agency; The capacity to carve out […]

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Dreams are costly. Indeed,they are free to have But they are costly to chase. They might lead you down a path that others deem irresponsible, On a journey that will exhaust your resources, Jeopardize your reputation, Put you in danger of bankruptcy And if you’re lucky, your dream might lead certain people in your life […]

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Price of participation

The price of participation in a meeting is that You will have multiple opportunities to make a fool of yourself or be misunderstood; For your honesty to be seen as foolishness Your passion perceived as aggression. There will be a a lot of leeway for you to misread the situation And more than enough room […]

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Coming of age

This year all the 90s kids will officially be counted as adults. We are coming of age. The talk of the “next generation” has been on the lips of many,¬†from pulpits to rallies to corporate boardrooms, And while some have made room for newcomers There has been a growing sense among us millennials of not […]

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Where you went to school

Tells us how much money your parents had to spend on your schooling Or the access you had to a great scholarship. It tells us the kinds of opportunities that were afforded to you The kind of networks you have been exposed to. It tells us a lot of things, but not everything. Here’s what […]

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Good teachers

Are not out there looking for good students, They are looking to make¬†average students great. They know the difference between laziness and the awkwardness that comes with learning anything. They will call you out for not doing your best Even when you’ve done “enough” to get by. They notice when you are tired and can’t […]

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On failing

Its important to look at it And yet not to look at it. Look at what’s happened. Acknowledge it. Feel the burn. Shed the tears. But its also important to find something else to fix your mind on Lest you repeat the mistake and fail again.   Its about you, But its not about you. […]

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Part of the problem

There is a peculiar kind of defensiveness That comes when someone suggests that you are a part of the problem. A sense of disbelief that anyone would think that lowly of you And would even hint at the fact That you are somehow participating in unsavory things like Systemic racism, inequality and sexism. Its a […]

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