This Christian Life

Involves seeing value where others do not see it, Finding supreme value in the Unseen, Delighting in the Love you’ve always craved. This Christian life Saves us from loving things that cannot love us back as we need it, And from making gods out of people who cannot save us. For in Christ we have […]

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We are addicted to lesser things. To things that, in the end, really won’t matter. We love fleeting affection and meaningless possessions Whether it’s a desire we indulge Or one that we fight on a daily, There are desires within us That are often our own undoing. The capacity for human self sabotage is as […]

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To be clear, Your failure as a result of an effort that didn’t go right Will always be better than you never even trying; Never raising your hand or speaking up, Never putting that own to paper, Never even applying Not actually giving something worthwhile a shot. Today is as good as any to take […]

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If the day ever comes When it all falls apart, May you find beneath the grief A solid Anchor for your heart When you’re groping in the darkness Searching for a light, May you find the Light of the world Close within your sight For your Helper is not One Who shies away from your […]

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Dreams are costly. Indeed,they are free to have But they are costly to chase. They might lead you down a path that others deem irresponsible, On a journey that will exhaust your resources, Jeopardize your reputation, Put you in danger of bankruptcy And if you’re lucky, your dream might lead certain people in your life […]

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Of Suffering

So much of our faith was penned in the midst of suffering So many tenets of our beliefs crafted in the midst of pain. Think of Abraham and Sarah who found God’s promises in the midst of childlessness Joseph who was sold into slavery and served Him in the depth of a foreign prison Imagine […]

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Your sonship is not a function of your actions but a function of whose son or daughter you are. In Matthew 4 when Satan tempted Jesus, he said that if Jesus was the son of God then He should do such and such, But Jesus had already been called God’s son way before. He didn’t […]

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Get out of the way

Why aren’t you doing the things you want to do? Right here, right now what’s stopping you? Who or what is standing in your way? How much of your  path is blocked by obstacles And how much of it is blocked by your own reluctance? Being a participant is a choice, a posture; Its moving […]

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Take stock

There is a kind of morality That stems from a desire to have a perfect resumé, To be spoken well of, To be known and remembered for our great virtues. However, if we are the centre of our own struggles with ourselves, Where a “clean record” is the core of our reasons to not be […]

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