Financial Decoupling

Money is rarely just money.Its relationship to our identityIs one few of us can openly admitBut one we all feel intimately.All this talk of financial securityDoesn’t account for the phenomenon whereWhile we are on our wayTo securing the bagThe bag itself has secured us,Binding us to itself until weAlmost solely base our existenceOn moneyAnd the […]

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The first incubator men ever know,Our first home on this planetThe greatest common denominator to all humanityHousing astronauts and death row inmatesAnd even the Son of God,Turning individuals into clansAnd is the most effective mechanism for nation building.Respect the wombAnd the ones who carry themNone of us are hereAny other way. Happy Mothers Day.

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A place, at first,But later we come to know that its peopleThat make us feel at home.Familiar in the best way possible,Close, but not smotheringWarm.Someone you have never lived withCan feel like homeThey somehow carry a part of you aroundA voice that your heart has grown to loveConversations that fill the chambers of your mindMaking […]

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Little humans

It’s crazy how those early years Carry so much. They are “little humans” Like us, but little. Most of them have no bills to pay Or mouths to feed Or points to prove. Little humans don’t respect our boundaries, Nor care for our politics And can disarm even the most guarded amongst us. They are […]

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Big sis

Never misses a chance to remind you that you are the younger oneAnd that there are things you are yet to see in this life.We suspect she is secretly proud of the thankless jobOf co-raising her younger siblings.She sees stuff you can’tShe worries about things you have little inkling ofShe cares much deeper than she […]

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