Wounded healers

Are the best ones.They have no tower to hide behind,No self-assured fluff to garnish their egoAnd very scarcely behave as thoughYour afflictions are greater than theirs ever were.Their wounds no longer oozeBut the scars are unmissable-Their hands may have been roughened by hardshipBut their hearts were somehow made softer.Their healing balm does not come fromClaiming […]

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Paper trail of caring

Friend, We have not always been ready for each other.Despite your tough exteriorsYou have been a safe spaceEven when my pain turned my tongueInto a slimy pit of poisonThat you endured more frequentlyAnd ferciously thanAnyone should put up with.And when you hid behindA forcefully cheerful demeanourResponding every time with‘Blessed and highly favoured’,Your pride getting the […]

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Grieving Friendship

Grief is a form of praise.Praise for the personI no longer have,Strong regardFor the seasons passedAnd inevitable sadnessThat those days are gone.The shoulders I used to cry onThe eyes I would confide inThe phone calls that made it all make sense.The tears I shed todayAre awash with gratitudeGlad to have had companions that understood meReady […]

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True colours

When does someone show you their “true colours”? The moment they disappoint you? When they set boundaries you think are “too much”? Choose differently to what you expected? Call you out? Humans are more than one thing, And our feelings about each other can often be mixed. Sometimes people simply outgrow each other And other […]

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Conversations with friends

Are like book markers in a book; They give immediate context of where we’re at, Remind us of the ground we’ve covered And give us a sense of what is still to come. Words that bubble through the air From their lips to our hearts As though they were always meant to live there. Perhaps […]

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From a distance

She wasn’t “his type”And neither was he hers.And yet they found something truly wonderfulThat has bloomed in ways they never could have considered.Love, it turns out, saw something they hadn’t. She was sure that the people of her new churchWere really not her people.She was sure they would never know her well.And yet she found […]

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False humility

Is stingy. A refusal to share your joy With those who would receive it. To act as though delightful things Are not so. To not bear good news. It isn’t a more noble alternative to pride, Nor a useful way Of accepting feedback. In a year that has exceeded its fair share Of hard luck […]

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What are friends for?

Friends are there to deeply wound The pride that would otherwise isolate you. They are there to remind you of your humanity- The dignity and awkwardness of it. Friends lend their thinking to your crises Their shoulders to your burdens Their laughter to your stupidity Their stillness to your fear. They will come to your […]

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