Arid Spaces

Thirsty groundMakes even the muddiest puddlePrecious.Thirst can make the bitterTaste sweet for a moment.So parched can a throat become,So weary and battered, thatAnything will doAnything for a moment’sRespite.On the verge of deliriumReaching forSomethingAnythingTo quench this furnaceWithin.DesperationHas driven men and womenTo dark placesFor when the soul isIn the desertWith cracked lipsAnd broken skinNo amount of self-soothingBreathes […]

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Watching the wind

God called manTo be stewards of His creationTo name the animals He madeTo inhabit the earth He createdTo be sowers of seed-Not watchers of windNor foretellersOf what will succeedAnd what will fall to pieces.There’s something aboutSowing seedThat demands trust.For every crop that has everBeen producedWe have only sown the seed,And done our best to nurture […]

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The cost of being woke

Being able to ’see right through everything’Doesn’t age well.At some point, we foundThat while we could detectDeception and injustice more clearlyGood things became increasingly difficultTo findOr enjoy.Cynicism compoundsAnd it doesn’t always add up to the truth,And even when the cause was justSo often our efforts to clean up houseSomehow also darkened the windowsWe were peering […]

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Joy along the way

God didn’t waitUntil day number sevenTo say‘Ít is good.’He said it fromThe very first day.Before the seas were teemingWith fishOr the skies punctuatedWith constellations,Or the hills and fieldsWere filled with tall grass and fragrant flowers.No, on that first dayWith having justSeparated light from darkness,He pronounced satisfaction,Happiness,Delight, even.Joy along the wayIs often hard to findBecause we […]

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Dark Days. Real Hope

If there was ever a time to seek Jesus It is now. When misfortune becomes so arbitrary And nowhere seems safe to hide The claims of Jesus Become a little more attractive- If only they were true. I mean, if Jesus is who He says He is, Why would He allow so much suffering? How […]

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Love and Faithfulness

Are the most persistent thingsOn the planet.The world was set in motionBy LoveAnd faithfulness keeps itSpinning.The love of God created the chemistry Between the first man and womanAnd the faithfulness of GodSustained the first family on earth.The love of God intricately designedAll living beings on the earthAnd provisions have been made forTheir daily bread ever […]

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The Claims of God

There is One who Claims to have simply spoken All of existence Into existence. Who asks you To trust Him with your very life, Daily. Who claims to be the One that keeps your Heart beating And neurones firing And mitochondria cycling ATP. The One who says ‘Trust Me’ With your future happiness With your […]

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Path towards the Son

We stumble We fall and breakWe stutterWe chokeAnxiety holds our eyelids openForbidding sleep to commune with us.Walking with GodIs to become increasingly aware of how farWe’ve fallenAnd then to see firsthand how deep He divesTo come get us.The act of following GodIs not one of perfect practice,Demanding external performancesFrom an unchanged heart.He does not want […]

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Shaking my head. Passing judgement Casting stones Handing out shame. Freely. Levelling my gaze of disapproval, Of borderline disgust And disappointment At this person Who never seems to get it right Who regularly sinks to the level Of my low expectations Whose accomplishments are easy to overlook And whose faults are so glaringly obvious. I’ve […]

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