Good on paper

Its a strange set of affairsTo call something a successOn paperThat is a real life disaster.A managerial successBut a lemon for those on the ground,An elaborate protocolBut a chaotic experience for everyone it comes in contact withA sound policyBut an unsound societyPlenty of charmBut no real affectionFervent religionBut unaffected hearts.This is the challenge for those […]

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Asthma Attack

It creeps up slowly,InsidiouslySoftly at first and then suddenly violent-One moment you’re going aboutYour existenceHardly awareThat you’re breathing at all,The next you’re keenly awareOf how difficult it is gettingFor the air to pass in and pass outLike finding the roomHas shrunk three sizesWithout warning.As you fumble for your inhalerYou wonder just how manyBodily functionsYou’ve been […]

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Fists and Fingers

Individual fingers are really useful forPointingPulling triggersAnd yes, of course, scrolling.But a lone finger can’t pack a punch.There are benefitsTo being professionally separateTo creating a nicheAnd serving it well.But what about the ecosystem?The environment you are evolving inThe greater circle you inhabitThat includes peopleYou don’t likeAnd your so-called competition.There is a timeFor pointing fingersFor going […]

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A nation of shopkeepers

What happensWhen a professionEvolves entirely in the private sector?When its all for oneBut not one for all?When each oneCares only for their ownStorefrontWith little much to spareFor the thoroughfaresAnd public squares?A nation of shopkeepersWith limited roomFor those without the coin,And a stronger sense of competitionWith fellow shopkeepersThan any sense of community with them.A hundred thousand […]

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The language of pain

Doesn’t belongTo the objective learned ones,RemovedFrom the experience of it.It belongs toThe ones not sleeping as a result of itThe ones afraid to bear children because of it,The ones who go from one doctor to anotherLooking for relief.It belongs to the mother who can senseWhen her infant is not wellTo the old manThat feels that […]

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Hands and wits

The privilege of being a chiropractor  Is to exist in the world as one with  Great power in my members: Hands sensitive enough to find and address patterns  Of dysfunction in the bodies of our patients And a mind attuned to perceive and navigate  The maze of bodily function. We are agents of change in […]

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Who is good health care for?

For the ones who can afford it? The ones who don’t have pre-existing conditions? The ones who easily comply? The ones who “get it”? Or perhaps the ones already educated about health, The ones who won’t miss appointments Or ask dumb questions Or make unreasonable demands? Or perhaps its for the ones who can really […]

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Wound Care

While our God may not always prevent injury He is always at hand to care for the wound. He debrides the damaged tissue, Cleaning out the site of injury. He applies a healing balm; A salve for my broken body. He sutures my flesh together, One intentional stitch at a time. Yes, I will heal […]

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Great men still need ears

To hear the world that they can so easily Insulate themselves from, And to make out the words being whispered By the least privileged among us, Lest they find themselves becoming oppressors. For it is becoming increasingly apparent That the most successful among us Tend to develop a peculiar kind of deafness That comes from […]

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