Systems Failure

The trouble with boiling all our troubles Down to personal responsibility Is that sometimes Our best intentions just aren’t enough. Sometimes The odds are too unbalanced The winds of adversity At gale force. For those of us who grew up Under the shadows of failed leadership It was often pressed upon us To not complain […]

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The best time to go for a run

Was probably yesterday.Don’t let the factThat you didn’tHit the road beforeKeep you fromGoing out today.Don’t convince yourselfThat you are not the kind of personWho runsBecause you’ve been on aBad streak lately.Your legs still work don’t they?You owe it toThe people counting on youThe people who believe in youTo yourself.Get out.Run.

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It seems in order to succeed In a less than perfect world A certain amount of Disregard Is necessary. For the leader to let go of Her perfectionism And find ways to accept the members of her team For who they actually are While inspiring them to be better. For the follower to abandon His […]

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Reluctant Leadership

Serves no one.Not the leaderNot the people.Whether it’s because ofFeelings of inadequacy,Fear of being misunderstood,Offence at being snubbedOr slavery to your own ego-Wtholding your leadershipCreates a vaccumThat blocks the flowOf human flurishing.Much of the best workDone by leaders that actually careIs uncelebrated.But it matters.We all have good excusesFor not showing up-Join the club.Leadership is always […]

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Consistent or Stuck?

Why be consistent?What is it for?Sure, showing upDay after day matters,But where is it going?Doing what’s expectedAnd then doing it over and over againMay create stabilityAnd predictability to our daysAnd a reputation for our name,But creating the same situationsOver and over againIs also the definitionOf being stuck.If you are building a house,It’s important to know […]

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The worst kind of tyrantIs the one who inflicts harm‘For your own good,’Believing that the axe they weildIs pruning dead branchesAnd not dismembering useful limbs,Casting doubtful glancesOver any claims of injustice,Calling indoctrinationAn educationAnd making reasonable argumentsFor unreasonable things.To be gaslighted is to be givenA meal of hungerA drink of thirstA real-world exerciseIn denying reality.

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On making a ruckus

Be sure that it’s not about you. That you’re not just trying to prove a point. That it’s not coz you have a chip on your shoulder, A self-righteous narrative That eternally gives you a moral higher ground. Be sure that the story you’re telling yourself Is challenged regularly, That the righteous crusade you’re on […]

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If you’re frustrated

You could just be earlier than everyone elseSeeing what no one else sees yetRealising that every problem you come acrossIs one that you’re going to have to deal withOr endureAloneUntil someone else ‘gets it’.If you’re frustratedYou could be in the wrong houseLiving with the wrong peopleSpending your energy on the wrong projectsMeasuring the wrong thingsFor […]

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On taking responsibility

Far from being a ball and chainOwning up is libertyFreedomFreedom to determine next stepsFreedom to make an assertionTo make a judgement callTo make things right.Responsibility means raising your handTo be the one to callNo matter how things turn outFor better or for worse.Hiding from it only meansSomeone else will finish the story on your behalfAnd […]

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Being an agent of change is awkward  Often difficult to find yourself on the unpopular side of a conversation Speaking when others would have you stay silent Showing up when others have made bets you wouldn’t  Offering grace to those who don’t deserve it Salt is not a meal on its own And not a […]

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