Consistency isn’t everything

Because things change.People change.Priorities changeAnd rules of thumb evolveDepending on who’s handsWe’re looking at.Just because we’ve chosen poorlyFor so longDoesn’t mean we will do so forever,And if we’ve gotten luckyFor the past two yearsDoesn’t mean its never going toRun out.Indeed our lives tell a storyOver decades,But we don’t live in years-We live moment by moment,Each […]

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Fifty Percent of Happiness

Is internal.The mental worlds we inhabit,The narratives of a bad lifePunctuated by a few good events,The steady drizzle of discontent,The proclivity for self sabotage,The unrealistic demands of perfectionismA diminishing appetite for goodnessA palate ruined by cynicismA heart hardened by disappointment.There is little in this lifeMore dishearteningThan finally encounteringWhat we’ve been searching forAll our lives only […]

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Light years

You will always be light years away From perfection Because though all created things Have infinity bound up within them- No matter how many hills we climb And dragons we slay There will always be yet another height Yet another beast. We live in world Of inescapable limitations with Facts that will remain unchanged No […]

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Cost nothing as a kid.Naivete about the world allowsChildhood aspirations to bubbleEffortlessly to the surface,And at that ageTime seems infinite,Our very existence is teemingWith possibility.As a kid, unless something comesAnd breaks your spirit earlier than usual,Anything is possible.Now as an adultDreams are expensive.Irresponsible even.And at some point,Many of us make peaceWith them never bearing fruit.Life […]

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Who you become along the way

Is just as important as what you are hoping for. There is nothing as pitiful as not having The appropriate palate to savour the goodness You have been longing for, To die of thirst at the foot of a fountain, To have a masterpiece in your hands Yet struggle to see the beauty before you. […]

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Struggle free lane

There is no such thing. We all know this. Yet the struggles still catch many of us by surprise. Living under someone else’s roof, No matter what form that takes, Has its own set of inflections on your individualism And yet waking up every day to a home That only you inhabit Can impede on […]

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Is blinding.It is short sighted.It is easy to complain about something not being as you need it to be.But the question of personal responsibility never leaves youYou have a responsibility to honor God with your lifeTo love others,Regardless.Respect yourself,Regardless.No matter how dark the days may getThe things you are responsible for, remain that way.And rather […]

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It’s fascinating to see how a structure As flimsy as a scaffold Provides support for builders To make something concrete. No one ever admires the scaffolding No one remembers it Or poses to take a picture by a scaffold. Yet there would be no building to capture Had it not been for a scaffold. External […]

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