Soul chatter

More money will not make the voices stop.Neither will the arms of your biggest crushNor the applause of your greatest critic.The soul chatters incessantlyReminding you how unhappy you are going to beIf things don’t go your wayAnd how hard you need to workFor your ego’s upkeep.It takes a while before we realizeThat we are looking […]

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Three score and ten

70 years.That’s what most of us can hope for.The drama of lifeThe horrors of being at the mercy of the mercilessThe comedy of the honest fumblings of the innocent,All the wear and tear and degradationAll the new songs and new morningsPointless meetingsAnd moments of transcendenceAll the ambitionAll the sufferingLived out on this small blue planet-Billions […]

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At the moment he said yesHe had no way of ever being quite ready for it all.For what would later come with his decision.He had made his calculationsAnd had an inkling of what it could be,But until the reality of it came upon himHe would never really know the cost.After this, there would be thingsHe […]

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We have never known for certain What a future moment will hold. Our estimates have been good. Calculations fairly accurate. But we have never known for sure. The unborn child The business plan The video before it’s posted We never know for sure the outcome. If this year has done anything It’s made it clear […]

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