Hollow Jewel

A life that sparklesOnly on the surfaceWith more hypeThan substance,Where success comesToo quicklyToo easilyWithout depthWithout patienceWithout a need for GodOr other people-Such a lifeMay dazzle for a timeBut in the end is aHollow jewelOr worse stillA counterfeit.Contrasted to an existence that isHewn out of struggleWith promises that tarry,Forged in the fireThat faith requiresProduces something closerTo […]

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The new workaholic

May be harder to spotBecause she’s working from home.She doesn’t wear office slacks as muchAnd her bed is closerThan it’s ever been,Yet don’t be surprisedIf somehow, sleep still escapes herBecause of work.She may be spending less timeAt the officeWhich theoretically frees us up the timeShe would have spent commuting,But she’s been in virtual meetingsAll day […]

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There really is no ‘having it all’

Because progress itselfIs a trade off-Giving up where you areFor where you are headed.Exchanging the fixed security of childhoodWith the random chessboard of adulthood,The free time of unemploymentSwopped for the limitations of a 9 to 5,The barrier of being an unknown contenderGivng way to the extensive accountability of being known,Laying down the endless possibilities of […]

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A list of things we can’t do alone

Learn how to tie shoelacesExperience a warm hugDisagree about what to watch Get fitOvercome addictionBe a well rounded professionalCreate a family.Silence the dark voices in our headsThat sound like our own.Its not that we can’t findA video tutorial on YouTube,Or a self improvement programOr new technologyTo help us do such thingsWithout another actual person involved,But […]

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Mental Obesity

How many memesCan you remember?How much of your timeline on socialFrom yesterday was actually worth your time?How many TV seriesCan you binge?How many sermonsOn YouTube have you digested?How many deep podcast episodesHave you actually taken to heart?With so much contentSo readily available-How much of it can we actually process?And how long after consuming one sound […]

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Monday Mornings

Feel like eggs that scrambleToo quicklyOn a pan that’s too hotAnd a tad too small,Making for a hurried, burnt mealThat could have beenA lot better.The minutes betweenWaking upAnd leaving the houseRun surprising quicklyLike a mischievous toddlerIn a grocery store.The sleep never feelsLike it’s good enoughAnd the feeling of the weekendSeems to linger likeIt hasn’t quite […]

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Fighting monsters

It turns out monsters are real. And the ones we should be Worried about aren’t the ones You read about on the news, Or the ones we used to imagine Hiding beneath our childhood beds, Or lurking in the shadows Near a haunted house, Or ruling a dictatorship In a foreign land. No, it is […]

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The hardest thing to label

Is a human being. Because, naturally, We resist. It feels as though a label Is less an observation of who we are And more a limiting projection Of who we are always going to be. Labels. They can help us make sense of our Differences, Figure out How best we serve each other And know […]

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Distraction as medication

Because life can get too much. We seek out distraction To mute the sickening sense of dread Of feeling our hopes and dreams Slip between our fingers Vanish before our very eyes And threaten to descend with us Into a pit of quiet desperation. So we hide behind screens, Alcohol and half hearted relationships, Looking […]

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Appetite for Appearances

There’s something hollow About caring more about your reputation Than your legacy, On looking like you have it all And yet possessing very little indeed, Catering so much for the eyes Yet so little for the heart, An ever growing repertoire of performances With fewer and fewer people you can trust With your mask off. […]

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