Strange hand holding

Sometimes the problem is not so much that you are surrounded by incompetent people, Its that you are failing to lead them. Or maybe the reason why you are met with blank stares is because You have stopped listening to those that you lead And you trust no one’s opinion but your own. Maybe the […]

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Get out of the way

Why aren’t you doing the things you want to do? Right here, right now what’s stopping you? Who or what is standing in your way? How much of your ┬ápath is blocked by obstacles And how much of it is blocked by your own reluctance? Being a participant is a choice, a posture; Its moving […]

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Slow internet

Half-loaded images. Non-responsive links. The eternal loading sign That never seems to end. Videos that buffer for longer than the actual viewing time An altogether slothful experience that makes you feel like your life is slowing ebbing away as you stare at a screen. For all the hype we make about technology making life easier, […]

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