On comparing yourself to others

There really is no need.No real real obligation to do this.You won’t lose nearly as muchAs you think you willIf you just stay in your lane.The greatness of othersNeed not diminish your own significanceOr serve as a reference pointFor your particular journey.Your path is your ownFit-for-purposeFor the strength of your legsAnd the contour of your […]

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How good?

How good must your fortunes beBefore you choose generosity?How much reassuranceBefore you behave like you belong?How much good will you overlookBefore you accept that ‘better is possible’?There’s nothing quite as difficultAs winning your own heart overAfter it gets jaded enough,Even when there is sufficient evidenceTo support a better narrative-Once you are convincedYou live in a […]

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African hands

Have been in high demandFor centuries.Hands that build empires for othersFists to fight the wars of othersPalms outstretched to the goodwill of othersFingers to grasp the fruits of the trees of others.We know well what Africans can doWith their hands,Indeed they have held many a society together.But what of African heads?What of the thought leadership […]

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Everything is data

It’s easy to think  That the only useful parts  Of our story  Are the victories; The well implemented model The picture perfect event The thriving relationship.  These are the parts we are  Most inclined to share with others- Our journey of overcoming.  But human life is littered with setbacks, Our good days are punctuated with […]

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Peaches and plums

Great is the discontent  Of the man who demands  That a different fruit grow  On the trees of his life. It may be that he desires  A better quality fruit, For which he must ensure  A rich soil and conducive moisture, But for a plum tree to produce peaches? Being exasperated that the plums  Are […]

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Gift of simple

Clarity is a giftIn a world of noiseAnd self-inflictedComplication.We’ve keep addingMore and more layers to our livesUntil its hard to knowWhat’s real.Keeping it simpleIs ultimately not justFor aestheticsBut the act of shedding extra weightHelps us findOur true centre.

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Amplification paradox

I want to be known.Not famouslyBut deeply.To be seen-Not on stageBut in my favorite chair.Heard-Not in a speechBut in intimate conversation.Scale often comes at the costOf genuine connectionWith the people you are seeking to serve.Amplifying your workMay mean having a “further reach”But if it is depth and you are after,Then it may be better foundWith […]

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Opportunities for victimhood

Abound.A never-ending supply, it seems.Even on your strongest dayYour heart can find reasonsTo whineTo magnify unfairnessTo abdicate responsibility.Rising above victimhoodIs a continuous choiceA moment by momentPosture of heart,Reminding yourselfAgain and againOf the version of your storyWhere you are wholeAnd wholesome,Steady on your feet,Buoyant in your heartDetermined in your spiritThat despite the famines you’ve facedAnd the […]

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The pressure of pioneering

Change is undemocratic. It is a double edged sword  That cuts even those  That call for it. Even when you see it coming  It can still be quite unsettling.  Overwhelming. Those who are  Agents of change   Are deeply privileged to exist in these spaces, To have the means and the time to Figure out their […]

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The pace of approval

There is a pernicious thoughtThat tells us that our work only matters When it is applauded,That our lives only count When they are seen and celebratedBy others.But what if the message we carryIs one that The world is not ready to hear? What if our purpose on this earthIs to hold up a mirror To the people around us,And uncover […]

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