Have often felt like a hurried walk- Not quite jogging But definitely not strolling. One of those days of the week That I keep forgetting what day it is. Friday seems so far away. The week ahead looms long. Distracted. To do lists growing steadily. Yesterday’s dishes are still in the sink. Already feeling over-committed […]

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Beautiful Chaos

All of human life is a paradoxAffectionate animosity – familyVoluntary obligation – friendshipA wrecking ball of peace – civil rightsMaddening sanity – MediaBorrowed ownership – post colonialismPainful relief – Health careExclusive inclusion – economicsVisionary blindness – politicsBeautiful chaos- humanity

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Still you

It will still be you All those months from now When life stops handing you lemons And hands you flowers instead. You. No other version of you Will magically appear- Counting blessings And being gracious. No The same you With a greater taste for bitter lemonade Than a nose for smelling roses, That is the […]

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Opportunities for mediocrity

Are endless. Ubiquitous. Almost inevitable. Where we leave our heart At the door And occupy the least demanding seat In the room. No raising of hands No attempts to do better- Nothing too costly. Plenty rolling of eyes Plenty defence of the status quo Especially if it’s convenient For ourselves. For now. The chance to […]

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Mourning my Younger Self

When life was simplerAnd I did not have to chooseBetween my conscienceAnd my securityWhen I didn’t see the hypocrisyOf the people I admiredNor painfully grapple withThe same double standardsWithin myself.I mourn my younger self-When anyone next to meCould be my friend,When temptations weren’t soDevastating,When the stakes weren’t so high,Coming to know that the true cost […]

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Earning every blessing

Imagine if we had to justify Every breath, At the ends of each day Make a compelling argument As to why we get to see another; Daily coaxing our hearts To keep beating, Sweating just to keep Our lungs rising and falling Our sanity intact Our blessings earned. Tasking stock of all the things going […]

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Nipping things in the bud

Is awkward.Addressing “little things”Long before they grow,Taking steps toward sobrietyLong before the first glass.Breath takingly bad decisionsDon’t often happen spontaneously.Those that fallWere once certainThey never wouldAnd many who promised to always be thereFound themselves walking away.Nipping things in the budIs awkwardBecause the best timeTo deal with weedsIs also the easiest point in timeTo overlook them.

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More Salt

There’s a limit To the amount of salt You can put in food and still enjoy it. Past a certain point If you add more salt Your tongue will curl and Your stomach churn. Some things should not Be done in excess. Excess salt doesn’t make up for A meal poorly prepared And excess words […]

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Moments of Realization

I met an old lady todayWho I’d helped many months ago,I’d forgotten her nameAnd how I’d helped herYet unknown to us both,The morning we’d metWas a moment of realization.You see, she’d been in painAnd had no ideaIf she’d ever feel like herselfAgain.So she’d come to the hospitalWith high hopesAnd low expectationsAnd was a little disappointedTo […]

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