Opportunities for victimhood

Abound.A never-ending supply, it seems.Even on your strongest dayYour heart can find reasonsTo whineTo magnify unfairnessTo abdicate responsibility.Rising above victimhoodIs a continuous choiceA moment by momentPosture of heart,Reminding yourselfAgain and againOf the version of your storyWhere you are wholeAnd wholesome,Steady on your feet,Buoyant in your heartDetermined in your spiritThat despite the famines you’ve facedAnd the […]

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The pressure of pioneering

Change is undemocratic. It is a double edged sword  That cuts even those  That call for it. Even when you see it coming  It can still be quite unsettling.  Overwhelming. Those who are  Agents of change   Are deeply privileged to exist in these spaces, To have the means and the time to Figure out their […]

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The pace of approval

There is a pernicious thoughtThat tells us that our work only matters When it is applauded,That our lives only count When they are seen and celebratedBy others.But what if the message we carryIs one that The world is not ready to hear? What if our purpose on this earthIs to hold up a mirror To the people around us,And uncover […]

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Emotional Apparatus

As a man,I find it hard to cry.Not because I think tearsAre beneath me,Nor that I think that somehow the natural fluidThe fleetingly emanates from my eyesIs inherentlyEmasculating.I just don’t have haveThe emotional apparatusTo draw from the deep emotional well where tears live,At will.For me, the waterworks need a lot ofEncouragement.Hence, I don’t cry often.And […]

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On knowing yourself

You’d thinkThat after spending so much timeWith yourselfThat you would actually comeTo know yourself,Understand your urgesMake sense of your hang upsFind true north,But lo and behold-It turns out most of us need therapyTo make sense of ourselves.Perhaps one of the most puzzling thingsAbout being aliveIs how possible it isTo live in a caricature of ourselves;Adapting […]

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The real you

Isn’t riddled with insecurityScrolling on a screenLooking for meaning,Pining for designer clothesAnd ‘summer bodies’Racing up the corporate ladder,The real youIsn’t exhausting your yearsPlaying catch upCompensating for childhood traumas,Proving people wrong,Building statues in honorOf your coping mechanisms,Holding onto whatever you can find in this lifeFor fear that there’s nothing else,Chasing after more and moreAnd finding less […]

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God makes complicated things

Stars – Regular and familiar features of the night sky Yet they remain far off mysteries we will never touch,  Burning and expanding  Balls of gas  Spinning, darting Coming alive and dying all at once, Familiar mystery Perfect chaos. Waterfalls- Droplets splattering water everywhere Nowhere dry to stand Beautiful yet dangerous  Soft edges and jagged […]

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On working with works in progress

Its likely that some pointYou will find yourself workingWith less than you would have liked-Not quite enough moneyNot enough time to make it happenNot so great morale.Are you willingTo push throughThe discomfort of imperfectionAnd stay hopeful thatIf you dig deep enoughYou’ll find gold?If this team is ever going to achieveThings you’ll be proud ofYou’re going […]

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Some days Won’t make sense, Do your best anyways. Some nights will feel extraordinarily dark Bring your own light. Some mornings will bring good tidings- Share your moment of lift With the rest the room, When your cup runs over Be sure to let it spill over  To the ones all around you, And on […]

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One day at a time

Life is livedOn life’s terms-Not ours.We often hope that the coming of the new yearDramatically changes certain things in our lives:As if when the clock strikes twelveWe will find ourselves on a steady pathTowards radical transformation.Life is livedDay to dayAnd the people we becomeAlong the wayMatters far more than the shores we seek to reach.Real […]

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