Aren’t always lonely.Aren’t necessarily antisocialNor are they invariably plagued with depression-Loners often find themselvesOn paths that only they can walk-Not angrilyAnd not seeking to prove any points;Just going solo.This part of the journey is theirsAnd theirs alone.Solitude is not a vice,Indeed it can be a pathTo finding your soul again.Not everything can be sharedNor should […]

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Beautiful wounds

Our wounds in this lifeDon’t have to fester,The bedtime emotional replaysOf our lowest points of the dayAre not compulsory featuresOf our sleep routine.The glorifying of our painUntil it becomes who we are,The celebration of ourToxic defense mechanisms for how they save usFrom further painAnd further love-These are all choicesWe really don’t have to makeWith the […]

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Itching for more

Aren’t you tired of the same old arguments? The familiar narratives about the world  And your place in it? Cynicism is heavy And ‘seeing through everything’ Gets old after a while.  You are not obligated  To perpetuate your poorest choices- The future makes no such demands. You’re itchy And you’ve been that way for a […]

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Fake forgiveness

Is rushed Half baked  Performative  And full of pretence It harbours bitterness  Allows abuse to continue And pays lip service to one of God’s greatest gifts.  It’s true that forgiveness is vital  But it’s counterfeit is deeply detrimental.  We do not forgive for the sake of appearances of peace Nor for a higher moral ground. […]

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Hard questions

Are not asked by peopleThat don’t care.Nor are they evidenceThat you don’t belongAnd they do not have to be interpretedAs attacks on your identity.Hard questionsAre proof that you are surroundedBy people that care too muchTo see you suckAnd who have tied their successTo your own,Who have eyes to seeWho you really areWhen your own perspectivesLead […]

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How far we’ve come

It’s strange how insurmountable  This moment feels. Strange not because I have a solution Not because it doesn’t hurt  And not because my heart believes  The countless people telling me  “It’s gonna be okay”. It’s strange because of how far we’ve come How many many times  I’ve been certain of my abandonment  And yet found […]

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The most important conversations

Are often the ones we most avoidBecause they will likelyChange everything.From declarations of loveTo termination of contractsIt is a stomach-churning eventTo speak your truth.And yet the truth sets you freeEven if it puts your comfort at risk.Our minds are like spiders webs,We can easily get stuckIn words left unspoken.If for no other reasonSpeak up to […]

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On needing to being liked

Something in me aches For a smile On the face of every strangerAffirmationOn the lips of every loved oneEager support From every colleague and acquaintance,As though all the world’s peoplesWere extras in my screenplayNPCs* in my video gameSpectators and cheerleaders on my sidelines-Always seeing things my wayAlways ready to play their partOf the grateful participantIn […]

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Not all of us have an agenda.Contrary to what wasExpected of herShe did not haveA well calculated reasonFor every stepA motive for every actionAs though every act would allTally up one daySo she could claimWhat she’d been after all along.For her it was different.She had no agenda.She was just respondingTo love.She’d learned to stop runningStop […]

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On believing in people

People need to be believed in.There’s nothing quite likeThe belief of anotherTo prop you upWhen your own track recordDoesn’t lend you the strength you needTo stand up straight.Sometimes we riseSimply because others believeWe can.Indeed it is not only the promising onesThat need it,But especiallyThe misfits, the late bloomersAnd the ones who’s names no one seems […]

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