Stinky Foot

The only problem with “Living our best lives” Is that we don’t live them Every day. We speak a lot about Positioning ourselves With our best foot forward As though that foot Is the only one we have, As though some days Aren’t dark Some nights- Too long, Some choices made- Unfortunate. None of us […]

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Faulty Diagnostics

Sometimes what we’re wrestlingIn our struggles with other peopleIs the story we have told ourselvesAbout who they areAnd what their intentions have beenAll along.We run a few preliminary testsTo confirm what we already believeAnd then arrive at an unchallangeableDiagnosisOf who they are.We knew it – we were right.And so we sit thereVictoriously showing off ourFaulty […]

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Resisting Drowing

Is a pretty bleak approach toSwimming.Avoiding lossIs a constrcited view of competing.Protecting oneself from heartbreakIs a poor recipe for a fulfilling relationshipAnd yet after we’ve been diasppointed enoughA crooked gaitMay be all we’ve got.Perhaps not todayAnd maybe not anytime soon,But one dayYou’ll remember why youGot in the pool in the first placeWhy you raised your […]

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On making peace

Beef really isn’t all that tasty.Especially if its been cooked too long.It doesn’t digest wellIt clogs things upAnd the smell tends to linger.There are no complimentsTo offer the chef.Whatever it is we imagine we gainFrom having it consistently on our plateIs dwarfed by the realities of aMalnourished soul.Beef really isn’t all that tasty.Make peace. Seek […]

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Cain and Abel

Cain needed his brother AbelTo be the younger oneThe followerThe inferior one.We know this becauseThe rage with whichCain assaulted his brotherWas not born out of offenceOr some act of insubordinationOr some terrible lapse of characterOn the part of Abel,But because of Abel’s success.And so Cain killed himTo put him in his place.For those that needOthers […]

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Victimhood is Infectious

It starts off like a niggleIn the back of your throat;A common slightAn unsurprising snubA minor bruise to the ego.No biggie.But when you stay outsideFor long enoughIn the cold winds of gossipAnd cynicismAnd low expectations of lifeIt will not be surprisingIf that scratch in your throatDevelops into somethingPersistent and uglyAnd infectious.We are not often braveNot […]

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Being Vulnerable

Makes plain Some of the complexity Of being human. It’s one thing for another person To know that you have ‘Problems in general’ And quite another for someone To be intimately familiar with your weakness. Perhaps now that you’re vulnerable, People won’t idolize you like you Secretly hoped they would, And your imperfections Won’t be […]

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Are the strangest beings on the planet. We love them at our own peril For in the end we find our hearts In the hands of flawed humans With hands just as clumsy as ours, Just as capable of hurt And tyranny And the stuff of heart break. People Are the strangest beings on the […]

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Last Impressions

There are peoplewe concluded aboutIn our heartsIn our mindsWho were notWhat we thoughtThey were.We just read them wrong.We could not seeWhat was rightIn front of us.We saw the handsThat reached outTo help usAs choke-holdsMeant to stop usFrom breathing,We saw deceptionIn the silenceWhen it really wasDiscretion.We saw traitorsWhen our friendsAsked tough questions,We heard death sentencesWhen were […]

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Words for the grieving.

There are few.Few that will suffice.Few that will offer true solace.Words cannot fill a voidThat a person once did.They will always be inadequateAlways less than what a bewildered heartNeeds.So if you find yourselfIn the presence of the grievingAnd on the verge of mounting intoA monologue regarding the nature of lifeAnd death,Keep in viewThe limits of […]

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