Not alone

I am not alone after all.  It’s my thoughts  That were leading me astray Telling me that I’ll always  Walk alone And that I prefer things  That way. But we all know  That the defence mechanisms We developed to cope with our fears Are merely tough exteriors  Are not who we really are.  We were […]

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Baseline of Civility

When we disagreeIs everything now in question?Are we just one conversation awayFrom being sworn enemies?One false stepFrom being cancelled?Perhaps one of the greatest disappointmentsOf modern lifeAnd life on the internet,Is that while we can nowRub up against a mind-numbinglyVast number of peopleThat we would have never encounteredOutside of the Internet,We are alsoRemarkably willingTo throw in […]

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Kindness isn’t a garnish

Its the whole meal.If you can only be kindWhen everything is dandyThen your brand of kindnessIs of the cheapest kind-Flimsy and unreliable.Kindness counts the mostWhen it comes least naturally,When the other personDoesn’t deserve it,When you don’t feel like it.Kindness isn’t a luxury goodAn extra piece of luggageSomething to consider at the end-No.‘Kind’ is the best […]

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Are never adequate.Nothing quite lives upTo the memoryOf a living person.Loss is loss.Whether you engrave it in goldOr write it in the sandThe departed won’t answerWhen you call them by name.Grief is griefAnd it has no expiry date.And though the yearsPile onThe hole is never quite filled.The substance of a memorialIs not so much about […]

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On Leaving

Some goodbyes aren’tSupposed to happen.At least it feels that way.Your heart isn’t somethingThat simply acceptsBeing left behind-It fightsTo go along for the ride,Demanding to be felt,Refusing to be ignored,Letting you know repeatedlyThat you’ve left somethingPreciousBehind.Amazing howSomeone you meet alongThe pathBecomes as criticalTo your overall journeyAs the path itself.

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The Good Stuff

You don’t get toThe good stuffOf a relationshipOn day one.Far from love atFirst sight,The stuff that really takesYour breath awayComes long afterThe initial attraction fades from view,And what remainsAre the precious gemsThat only reveal themselvesWith time:Deep trust,Steady commitmentAnd a peculiar kind of vulnerabilityWhere letting someone inTo the messy side of your storyIs somehowDisarmingly beautiful.Don’t settle […]

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Often feel like  The mechanisms  We put in place  To defend ourselves After we’ve been burned, Or structures we erect  To protect others From our worst selves- But they so much more. They are the means by which  We learn what is most important to us, To remind ourselves That not every opportunity  Has to […]

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Fights of Endurance

Sometimes after months of waging warYou don’t get a decisive victory,The battle plays outIn ways you never anticipatedAnd you find yourself in a marathon wrestling matchWith struggles you’d rather not have.Some days all you can doIs stay in the fight,Take the hitsBut refuse to be knocked out,Refuse to let your heart grow bitter,Protect your mind […]

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Community is free

But it doesn’t come cheap  Because doing life with others Demands the death  Of the parts of us  That are incompatible with human fellowship: The uncompromising selfishness The incessant need to be right  The eternal reach for control. We hold onto our absolute individual rights and freedoms At the expense of belonging to something greater, […]

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My eyes will rest  On no other face but hers. Her laugh is the one  That softens my heart the quickest, Her affections, more precious  Than gold. Though time and space  May keep us apart  I never forget  Just who it is  This heart was made for. 

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