Uncapped dreams

Some of us are living lives today  That were impossible  Not so long ago. Race and geography, Though still a ways to go,  Are not as definitively limiting  As they once were. And so some of us  Are becoming privileged insiders Of worlds that didn’t have us in mind  At their inception.  The question now […]

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The cost of being woke

Being able to ’see right through everything’Doesn’t age well.At some point, we foundThat while we could detectDeception and injustice more clearlyGood things became increasingly difficultTo findOr enjoy.Cynicism compoundsAnd it doesn’t always add up to the truth,And even when the cause was justSo often our efforts to clean up houseSomehow also darkened the windowsWe were peering […]

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The trouble with the narrative of victimhood Particularly when it comes to feelings of being discriminated against, Is that it tends to over-simplify the circumstances That play out. Creating perfectly innocent victims and unforgivably selfish villains And often downplaying inconvenient truths Or exaggerating offences. Its not there really aren’t uneven scales at play Or that […]

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Coming of age

This year all the 90s kids will officially be counted as adults. We are coming of age. The talk of the “next generation” has been on the lips of many, from pulpits to rallies to corporate boardrooms, And while some have made room for newcomers There has been a growing sense among us millennials of not […]

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On shrugging your shoulders

Do it enough times And you will forget that your opinion even matters, Turn a blind eye often enough and you’ll stop seeing injustice for what it is. Making excuses and accepting nonesense for the sake of peace Only makes “peace” for a short while. But sooner or later, complacency in the midst of chaos, […]

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