Itchy Fingers

He hadn’t realisedThat he’d been using technologyTo medicate his pain.Reaching for his phoneFor a song that would drown outHis quiet desperation,Bingeing TVAs a means of escaping realityOnly to find that he is still himselfWhen the credits roll.His fingers itchedNot for another hand to hold-But a screen to tapAnd pixels to stare at,Subconsciously hoping that maybeThe […]

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Expecting Miracles

In a world of ultra convenienceWe seem to have acquiredA strange new strand of impatience,Getting madWhen things that were onceInconceivable for human beingsDon’t happen for usOn demand.These devices in our pocketsBring us promisesOf the truly miraculousEvery morning:Access to ‘private’ conversations around the globe,Endless streams of knowledgeSeemingly bottomless pools of possibility-Until our geographical realitySlaps us in […]

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The right to be forgotten

The Internet threatens to haveAn eternal memory.Who we were this year onlineWill be there in endless continuumBlazoned in pixelsUntil kingdom come,Unless some dramatic eventSomehow causes non-routine erasure of our data.The algorithms project our futureBy mirroring our past choices back to usBut humans are not linear,We face incredible setbacksWe make breathtaking comebacksAnd are constantly evolvingAs we […]

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Instant messaging

Doesn’t mean Instant responses Should be demanded Or endless availability Expected. Being online Doesn’t obligate a person To to giving you their attention, And them seeing a message Is not the same as Being ready to respond to it. The promise of instant messaging Is that a message Can be drafted on one device And […]

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Working in the dark

If no one reads your writingWould you have wasted your words?If no one else hears your angelic voiceWill you have squandered your talent?If you keep the best parts of your life to yourselfAre you depriving the world?Or yourself?Does the work only matterIf someone else sees it?Does life itself only countIf it is visible to others?Yes […]

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The Overview Effect

Things often look better (or terribly worse)From a distance.The view from 10, 000 feetCan blur the harsh edgesOf daily life.There are few people’s experiencesWe will ever know intimately enoughTo savour the nuance of theirComplicated relationships,Controversial decisions orConvoluted life trajectories.No matter how much news we consumeOr how many Instagram pages we followWe may just get the […]

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Other people’s achievements

Are external landmarksOf the good things that have come to passAlong their path.What you see as you scroll on yourTimelineIs not evidence of your inadequacyNor indicators of where you‘Should’ be.Seeing someone else’s smooth sailingDoesn’t have to take the wind outOf your own sails.Other people’s achievementsHave nothing to do with you,With your combination of fear and […]

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Every new morning now seems to beChristened by algorithmsAs much as by the sunriseIt seems we are either onlineOr thinking about being thereWe spend more time peering into screensThan into the eyes of other human beingsSo many callsFor our orbitalsIts hard to know where to look.And there are so many things to seeSo many shiny […]

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Half full

One of the side effects of having an online life that you never really leaveOr having nearly every service avaialble 24/7Is that there’s always a “snack” close byIn case you get bored,Or a game of Candy Crush when you’re waiting in lineOr scrolling through social media feedsTo distract ourselves from stressful reality.Its a snack,A short […]

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Central Processing Unit. The processor. Where information is made sense of. Digested. Made useful. Where the irrelevant is discarded. Filtered. Where value is assigned And decisions are made. Processed. Computers can do all this in seconds. We on the other hand, Cannot. There is more content to consume Than we have capacity to process, More […]

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