On being hard on yourself

Not sure at which point I decidedThat berating myself Was a good idea.Maybe it was out of fear That my flaws might overtake me,Or perhaps a belief that deep downI am really not good enough.So the only way to get good work done, I decided,Was to beat it out of meWith a mental stick. Not […]

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Of Suffering

So much of our faith was penned in the midst of suffering So many tenets of our beliefs crafted in the midst of pain. Think of Abraham and Sarah who found God’s promises in the midst of childlessness Joseph who was sold into slavery and served Him in the depth of a foreign prison Imagine […]

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In trying not to cause a scene She became a passive doormat, In trying to not be a pushover He became aggressive and stubborn, In trying to preserve its own identity, The nation became harsh on its immigrants In trying to keep up with the world The value of local dynamics was diminished. In an […]

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Good teachers

Are not out there looking for good students, They are looking to make average students great. They know the difference between laziness and the awkwardness that comes with learning anything. They will call you out for not doing your best Even when you’ve done “enough” to get by. They notice when you are tired and can’t […]

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Part of the problem

There is a peculiar kind of defensiveness That comes when someone suggests that you are a part of the problem. A sense of disbelief that anyone would think that lowly of you And would even hint at the fact That you are somehow participating in unsavory things like Systemic racism, inequality and sexism. Its a […]

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There are things that impress us, That get us talking And are the subject of conversations online and over meals, Easily spoken of and consequentially easily forgotten; The dress a celebrity was wearing, how great that event was, how well spoken he was. And there are things that are awesome. They inspire awe. Not just […]

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Thin lines

Being a victim does not absolve one of responsibility to strive to be a better person, nor does it take anyone off the hook for doing the hard work of making any relationship work. Whether or not we are the (obvious) perpetrators of wrong, we too need to repent of our own sins and be […]

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Twenty-eight thousand days

The illsuion of the moment Is thinking that we were ever were fully in control That somehow our decisions alone Have led us to the place in life that we find ourselves. And so we try to foresee how our current situation Projects to the days ahead. But the recurring lessons of life are that […]

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