Robbing the room

Most people will (hopefully) never steal physical assets From a group they belong to. Yet the intangibles that make almost any endeavour Worthwhile Are often stolen with impunity Showing up to a meeting With an air of vague boredom As though you would rather be somewhere else Robs everyone else in the room. Being tired […]

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We can only count as worthwhile The things we get done. Before something can ever be thrown into The trash It has to have existed first. Unwritten books Unspoken words Unattempted ideas Will never be up for consideration, For either rejection or celebration. The world we live in Is made up of the things that […]

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Not everything can be microwaved

How long can you sit with discomfort? Uncertainty? Imagine the absurdity of getting anxious That a seed you sowed a few days ago hasn’t sprouted Or that the baby born last November Isn’t paying her own taxes? Things take time. There’s no other way to say it. Hacks. Shortcuts and creative work arounds May get […]

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On being a hero

There is a sketchy kind of humilityThat stems from a having a need to be a hero.A sense of obligation to suffer for othersEven when it is not called for,Perhaps even feeling guiltyFor having good fortune.Being concerned about the less fortunateIs a wonderful virtueBut a terrible way to cover upFalse humility.Acts of service done for […]

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First brick

The first brick laid for a building Is not likely to be particularly significant in and of itself. It weighs the same as any other brick. It has no unique features Nothing to set it apart from other bricks, Only that it was laid first. In fact, the unremarkable nature of the first brick Is […]

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Is good for saving parking spaces And the best seats in a restaurant, But not for the work you need to do and The contribution you were born to make. That work is not reserved for a better time When you have no doubts, Or for another person with stronger arms Or deeper pockets. Doing […]

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Details that matter most

I spent some time this week Decorating my new office. I found myself wondering If anyone would notice the carefully selected ornaments Or the perfectly positioned plant. I caught myself following the gaze Of my patients as they walked in Seeing if they noticed how much thought went into the details, Seeing if it mattered. […]

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Is not discouraged enough. With so many images on our news feed Of other people living their best lives; Reaping harvests and claiming awards, Its easy to excuse each other For feeling like good things Don’t come to those who wait. Patience may be out of fashion But it’s definitely not obsolete. Patience is not […]

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On “knowing your place”

Being reminded of “your place” Can be humbling. When the kind of projects you dream of doing And the ones you actually do Don’t even remotely match- it can be jarring. Demotivating even. Especially now when there always seems to be Peers on our timelines prospering in ways We wish we could. But rather than […]

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Don’t waste your frustrations. Not everyone sees what you see, Or feels as deeply about it as you do Which is why you need to make good use Of those fumes. Maybe you really could do it better, But it’s much easier to point out a problem Than offer a better way. Unwritten books will […]

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