What if no one reads it?

Well, if its never writtenThen even you won’t get to read it.Words on a pageHave a life of their ownAnd you have no ideaWhat havoc they might wreakOr what beauty they mightUnfurl like a flagIn the hearts and mindsOf those who read them.Thoughts can be fleetingAnd quickly dismissedBut words on a pageCan start firesThat burn […]

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Born out of Struggle

What is it aboutStruggleThat makes artAuthentic?About bleaknessThat makes a story moreVivid?Art and despairHave a strange relationship,As though certain treasuresCan only be hewnOut of the artist’sDistress.It is certainly possibleTo make things that areWonderfulIn the absence of disaster,Yet there is something aboutHeartbreakDevastationAnd depravityThat sweetens the penOf the ready writerAnd sharpens the mindOf the brooding creative.Perhaps it serves […]

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Posts in a row today.Fifty times facing a blank pageAnd populating itWith thoughts in the shapeOf wordsHoping that the blog postI’ve willed into existenceWill mean something toSomeone other than me.50 times dipping my feetIn the glassy lake of the writing processAnd being unsureIf this one will float,Looking over my shoulderTo see if inspirationWill join me […]

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Why write every day?

Because there’s so much to say.Because there is more complexity in lifeThan ink in my pen.Because these wordsWill outlive me.Because how else can I unpackThe heavy rucksack of overthinking?Because each morning has fresh beautyAnd each night has familiar heartacheAnd there is no better avenueThan the pen to make itMake sense.Why write daily?Because I do not […]

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Today’s Words

Did not come easy.It is not easy to captureLightning in a bottle,To try and reproduce on a pageThe cascading, turbulent mix of emotionsThat real life experiences can bring.On days like thisWords, at best, will only serve as signposts,Only pointing back to a timeTo which we cannot return.This writer will weep for his readersFor they will […]

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Mightier than any sword

Are words in a human mindPoking holes into our ignoranceCarving paths out of chaos.Long after we are no moreIt is what we stood forThat will endure,The sacred texts that held us together through our stormsWill be the anchor for a generation yet unborn.The right words,Aptly placed,Can endure,And can be far reachingImpacting the minds of peopleWe […]

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The greatest loss todayWouldn’t be if the best of what we haveWas lostBut if the best of what is to comeNever came. So often our knees buckleWhen we are facedWith the prospect of what progressIs going to cost usAnd whether we are fit for the task.Fortunately, the journey is not reserved for theStrong,But for the willing.499 […]

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The case for brevity

How many words does it take To make a point? Are the words on a page Seeds of ideas Or the entire tree? Is the author painting you a picture Or giving you a paintbrush? Answering questions Or asking them? Are words meant to fill up the readers mind Or should they leave room to […]

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Why Blog?

Because writing is beautiful. Pulling words out of the atmosphere And onto ‘paper’ Hoping that there will still be words left When I reach up again for more tomorrow, Wondering if the ideas in my head Truly belong to me Or to Someone Else Who crafts and stores infant ideas In the heavens, waiting for […]

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What is it about words that move us?Give us peace?Wound us deeply?We may never know how far reachingOur words may be,In prose or in speechThere is not way of knowingHow deeply embedded they become in the psycheOf those they reach,From the testimony of a recovering addictYou may never meet,Whose story you see and hear through […]

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