Borrowed hope

When your legs won’t lift anymoreAnd your heart grows weary of leapingWhen your wallet runs emptyAnd your hunger threatens to consume youWhen your faults grab you by the noseAnd demand compensationWhen motivation distances itself from youAnd the will to go on becomes increasingly foreignWhen you find you do not haveThe internal resourcesTo keep up the […]

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On hulking out

Its not just that he ‘made me’ madHe made me hate who I became around himHow my laughter dried upHow my eyes no longer freely roamed the roomHow nothing seemed good anymoreHow sure I became that none of this was my faultAnd that he had become the bane of my existence.And just like that I […]

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The dark night of the soul

When life fell shortAnd you fell short of LifeHe stood with youAnd offered His own.When the darkness led you strayAnd the torch slipped from your handsHe lit your path with the words of His mouth.When your faults overtook youAnd the consequences stared you in the faceHe offered His shoulders to carry the shame.When the sins […]

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Clean thoughts

Aren’t easy to come by.A lot of our clearest insightsOften get caught up with our insecuritiesAnd we end up writing and saying thingsIncredibly far removed from what we really meant to say.Its all too easy to simply repeatScripts we’ve been rehearsingAnd reinforce ideas that make us look good,Communicating as thoughWe’ve figured human existence out.Or maybe […]

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Is how so much of the world’s harmIs done.If you look long and hard enoughYou’ll find injusticeIngrained under all our fingernails,How even the purest of institutionsBattle the entropyThat emanates from having had human founders.We give voice to the oppressedBy silencing the offspring of oppressorsWe call for equalityBut use unequal instruments to do soWe are broken […]

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The most important conversations

Are often the ones we most avoidBecause they will likelyChange everything.From declarations of loveTo termination of contractsIt is a stomach-churning eventTo speak your truth.And yet the truth sets you freeEven if it puts your comfort at risk.Our minds are like spiders webs,We can easily get stuckIn words left unspoken.If for no other reasonSpeak up to […]

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Rushes.The blurry weeksWedged between a resolute winterAnd an ethereal SpringThe days are hard to markThe hours seem to burn quickerLate nights all too quicklyTurn into early mornings.No longer wearing socks in bedBut shorts still feel reckless.Too warm for a heaterToo cold for a fanJanuary feels like a lifetime agoLow key dreading the early Christmas decorAt […]

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Here again

In deep need of mercyAching for graceFor Something bigger than meTo get me outside of meAnd help me see that my fearsDon’t actually blot out the sun.When earth’s darkest dayGives way to earth’s darkest nightThere will be OneWho will do more than merely gentrify the darkness.No.He has waded into our sadnessImmersed Himself in our filthHe […]

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A thousand tiny acts of rebellion

Against a “dictatorship on non-alternatives”Against the prevailing zeitgeist of self-worshipAgainst that voice in your headAgainst the feeling that life would be better if you weren’t around.Against such things – rebel.In a world that constantly finds a way to lean towards self-annihilationTo always be in tandem with itIs the greatest anarchy of all.The feelings may be […]

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