Receiving end

Its not easy to get out from under the weightOf being a persistent recipient.Where no one expects anything of youAnd that compounds until you don’t either.Making passivity a part of your identityAs though all you have capacity forIs to eat what others have produced.Generosity is not for the richNor love for the lovelyAnd showing up […]

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Long enough

If you sit there long enoughYou might come to seeThat the world is bigger than your problemsAnd it will keep spinning on its axisWith our without you.If you love for long enoughYou will come to know that being ‘right’ is overratedAnd it is better to simply beWith the ones you loveThan win in every circumstance.If […]

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For the youth

Why is it that youth need to be ‘empowered’?Who were our parents building for all along?We have never been“The next generation” –From the moment we were bornWe had a part to play.They told us to wait and watch.We were children thenAnd now we are adultsAnd it is becoming increasingly obviousHow foolish it is to keep […]

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Moon shots

Aren’t about reaching the moon.They are about leaps of faithAnd the places we land afterwards.They straddle the thin line betweenBrilliance and stupidity,They are the stuff of the visionaryAnd the delusional.They get you into troubleAnd they also take you places.Sure, reaching for things that you perceiveTo be beyond youOpens you up to failureAnd even abuseBut it […]

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Are made of early morningsGetting ready for church,Electric sermonsEncounters with JehovahConversations with the neighborsEasy walks in the neighborhoodAfternoon napsLong drivesSunset viewsSoccer matches on the TVHalf-read books on the tableHeavy dinners andHeartfelt phone callsGood musicOld moviesNew ideasAnd the sinking feelingThat Monday is on its way.

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House of stone

There will be days when you don’t feel like itNights when tears come too easily,Mornings where the Sun isn’t welcomeDays when you feel like love isn’t enoughWhen your own hands threaten destroy the things you loveClose brushes with death that you carelessly brush off.When nothing can penetrateThe house of stoneYou’ve stowed your heart in.

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‘That was deep’

How unfortunate is the thirsty manWho encounters a glass of waterBut fails to drink of its contentsBecause of his preoccupationWith its presentation,To spend his time fascinatedBy how eloquently the water was servedHow wonderfully the waiter was dressedAnd how it came to be that this glass of waterArrived in front of him-And yet never drinks of […]

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