Gratitude vs. Regret

In a single moment The threshold of a new year is crossed. The date will change in an instant But most other things don’t change nearly as fast. Regret, for example, tends to linger. It is a deceitful emotion, It somehow feels like a ‘responsible’ perspective On things that didn’t quite happen as we hoped. […]

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Letter to my future self

Hey bro, I hope you are more kind to yourself now.That you’ve learned that the sharpest teethWere often your own,And that self-mutilation never did you much good.I hope you have come to terms with the fact thatYou are not in controlAnd God is God – and you are not.I hope you have finally figured out […]

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We have never known for certain What a future moment will hold. Our estimates have been good. Calculations fairly accurate. But we have never known for sure. The unborn child The business plan The video before it’s posted We never know for sure the outcome. If this year has done anything It’s made it clear […]

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