Deep pockets

Having the most money in the roomDoesn’t mean you’re best suited to leadOr that your ideasAre most likely to succeed.And though people will likely defer toThe wealthiest individualsIts important to recognizeThe limits of moneyAnd acknowledge our tendencyTo allow it to cloud our judgement.Deep pocketsAre a measure of the resources available,Not an indicationOf who should tell […]

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Being Vulnerable

Makes plain Some of the complexity Of being human. It’s one thing for another person To know that you have ‘Problems in general’ And quite another for someone To be intimately familiar with your weakness. Perhaps now that you’re vulnerable, People won’t idolize you like you Secretly hoped they would, And your imperfections Won’t be […]

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Thorns in the flesh

Accountability, done right,Hurts.People that have the courageTo call things outAre often portrayed as being So unnecessarySo contrarianSo unwilling to just let things beAnd let ‘our way of life’Go on.And yet there is nothing more constantTo mankind than change.And it is unlikely that change will happenWithout frictionWithout uncomfortable conversationsWithout pushing back on thingsWe’ve let ourselves overlook.The […]

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Private victories

To finally cut down that pole On which you’ve been impaling yourself again and again. To reckon with the demons you could never seem to shake To heal the wound you’ve been trying to drown with the bottle To grapple with the sense of inadequacy that makes you work so hard To get a grip […]

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If “Only being human”

Means not holding each other accountable, Giving people “room” to break promises, Excusing poor decisions Or flat out covering up a mess we currently don’t have the courage to address – Then we make “being human” Out to be weak. Fickle. Incapable of doing what we say we will. But that’s obviously not true. Humans […]

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The Public Servant

What does it mean to be in service of the public? Commitment to the good of the common man A commitment to people not processes. Having an affinity for tools not trophies Trading in the currency of progress and not of prestige Realizing the irony of being the winner of a losing system Being committed […]

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Needing work

In an age when we have shone an inceasingly bright spotlight on leadership, We have gained a bias towards holding our leaders to higher and higher standards, Easily pointing out their flaws and comparing them to the lofty ideals sold to us in popular media. The unfortunate thing about this is  that we gain a […]

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